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Thank you for choosing Green Acres Sod. Our web page is designed to introduce you to our product and give you some basic information.  We have included basic guidelines not written in stone. Our soil, water and climate vary within the county, therefore our recommendations will also vary. We encourage you to call with your specific questions.

Our grass is Majestic Green (100% fescue). It stays green year round. It is drought tolerant, disease resistant and durable. We grow it in Shandon, and "If it grows here, It grows anywhere." Majestic Green has proven to withstand heavy traffic and thrive in a harsh environment.  

Our customers have nicknamed our grass "awesome". We appreciate their business and are glad they are happy with their lawn. We sell our grass direct to the customer to ensure proper care and a fresh product. We are family owned and operated. We look forward to delivering your new sod lawn. For instant gratification, give us a call. Green Acres Sod 805-237-2632

General Guidelines

  • Rototill 3 yards of fine organic compost into your existing soil.
  • If you have sand or clay soil, please call for our recommendations.
  • Install your sprinkler system.
  • Rake, level and roll.
  • Install Sod then roll sod.
  • Enjoy, your new lawn.

Our customers are important to us. Please contact us with your specific questions.

Green Acres Sod **PO Box 317** Shandon, CA 93461

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